Let the people decide what they
want to hear. Turn any device into a
portable jukebox!

We’re currently in BETA, give YoDJ a bash and let us know what you think.

Coming to iPhone soon!

How does it work?

1. Select Songs

Choose your favourite songs from your device’s music library.

2. Invite Friends

Ask your friends to cue up their favourites from your selection.

3. Create Playlist

Sit back and let your friends do the rest!

“Here at The House of Machines we pride ourselves in our music playlists and the vibe it sets. What better way to include our patrons than the incredible YoDJ jukebox. As our patrons have people cottoned-on-to the concept it has become a big draw card and the first thing they do when they arrive - choose their songs! As an old school romantic who yearns for a good 'ol jukebox... This is the closest you'll get in this digital age!”

Andy Lund Manager of House Of Machines

Stay Updated

We just launched and currently in Beta

If you would like to stay updated or if you have any suggestions or queries, drop us a message.